Land at The Beach

Modern MalibuEverybody has heard the cliché "location, location, location" when it comes to real estate and it is never more true than when talking about properties right by the beach. There maybe no more famous, filmed or storied beach front property than in Malibu, California. This 27 mile long beach community gives The Hamptons a run for the money as America's most expensive, hip and trendy summer get-away for the rich and famous. The homes along Pacific Coast Highway (otherwise known as PCH) range from tiny bungalows on stilts to $100,000,000 gated compounds with views that seem like they extend west all the way to Maui.

Building a home in Malibu is no small feat. California's restrictive Coastal Commission has the right to delay construction of any property near the water with hopes of protecting over-development of the area. Residents and developers often get frustrated with the Coastal Commission as they can delay the construction of a home or commercial property for years and years with seemingly arbitrary concerns Beach Homebut then again, the waters off of sunny Malibu as well as the beaches are starting to heal from California's boom years of development in the 1950s and 1960s. U2 Guitarist, "The Edge", famously has battled to build a compound of homes in the cliffs above Malibu with the Coastal Commission fighting him all along the way as archived by the LA Times in this article. The new waterfront restaurant that will house the famous sushi restaurant, Nobu, is also delayed in part because of the Coastal Commission and that is despite the political power of multi-billionaires behind the project who also are rumored to bring Thomas Keller's The French Laundry to its third location (Yountville, New York's Per Se are the others).

The first step in making a move to Malibu is to find the right real estate agent. He or she can provide you the needed insight to the process of buying property by the sea. Assuredly, they will tell you to be prepared for a long frustrating process. If you are looking to build a luxury home by the sea yet near Land by the BeachHollywood in Malibu, you might want to also pick up a rental to live in for the next four or five years as the process is a slow one. Year in and year out, the top grossing real estate agent in Malibu (and there are 100's of them) is Chris Cortazzo at Coldwell Banker. He is the ninth highest grossing residential real estate agent in America according to The Wall Street Journal. He is the number one highest grossing agent in Coldwell Banker nationally. He frequently has 10 to 12 high end Malibu rental homes available for lease as well as dozens of homes already finished to the highest levels of luxury that are ready to move into.

By no means is Malibu the only area in Southern California where you can buy land at the beach in style – its likely the most famous. In San Diego County there are beach-front communities like Del Mar, La Jolla and slightly in-land luxury locations like Rancho Sante Fe. Moving north to Orange Country – Dana Point, Laguna Beach and Newport Coast are stunningly beautiful locations with the views, weather and lifestyle to compete with any location. In Los Angeles County – Malibu isn't the only beach-front Carmel Beachhot spots. Manhattan Beach is a desired location by everyone from professional athletes to families. Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades also offer bucolic locations with easy access to the nation's largest city. Santa Barbara California is a good two hours north of Los Angeles but it gives up nothing in terms of natural beauty or luxury. Billionaires like Oprah Winfrey choose to have homes in boutique neighborhoods like Montecito for so many justified reasons including perfect weather, views to die for, local agriculture including wine and so much more. The Central Coast of California is best highlighted in the film Sideways for its wine scene but it also hosts some of the largest plots of land by the sea as well as stunning privacy. For the golf enthusiast, Monterey, California is simply as good as it gets. Inside the gates of 17 Mile Drive of The Del Monte Forrest hosts not only Top 100 golf courses such as Pebble Beach, Cypress Point, Monterey Peninsula Country Club and Spyglass Hills (to name a few) but there are some of the most grand estates that you will ever see on beach front lands with views that are simply priceless.

No matter where you invest in land at the beach, your investment is likely a good one. There is only so much land by the sea and people will always want to live there be it a luxury home or a summer rental. There is no lack of demand to live by the beach.